About Me

Kyle Niewiada

Hi, I’m Kyle Niewiada (/kaɪl niː-viː-ɑː-də/). Welcome to my small corner of the internet. You can rearrange the letters in “Kyle Niewiada” to say “I like a new day”. I used to write music. You can listen to it on my BandCamp page.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this page by accident; perhaps you had full intentions of visiting this page. If you have, thank you! This website is meant to be a host and central hub to my music and various projects. I write for people to enjoy what they read and hear. My hopes are that people will take away more than they came with.

I write blog posts as I carry out projects. I am passionate about music and computers. I enjoy programming and difficult projects do not deter me.

If you’d like to tell me a story, ask questions about my music, or contact me about something else—drop me a message here.

Best Regards,